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Rank Name Raised
255th Maredith Spector Maredith Spector 3years $124
255th Mark Zautner Mark Zautner 4years $124
255th Patricia Labbe Patricia Labbe 5years $124
255th Phil Dombrowski Phil Dombrowski 6years $124
255th Rachel Fox Rachel Fox 2years $124
255th Randall Orchard Randall Orchard $124
255th Randall Yagiela Randall Yagiela 3years $124
255th Robert Callahan Robert Callahan 3years $124
255th Sean Elliffe Sean Elliffe 2years $124
255th Stacy Klone Stacy Klone 5years $124
255th Sue King Sue King 6years $124
255th Tim Fuller Tim Fuller 2years $124
255th William McKinley William McKinley 3years $124
N/A Martini Absin Martini Absin 3years $0
N/A Ray Ward Ray Ward 6years $0
283rd Kyle Whisenhunt Kyle Whisenhunt $124
284th William Melin William Melin 2years $122
285th ANGIE MOORE ANGIE MOORE 3years $122
286th Sarah Crawford Sarah Crawford 3years $119
287th Aaron Weymouth Aaron Weymouth 4years $115