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Rank Name Raised
175th Dave Garcia Dave Garcia $126
176th Debbie Keith Debbie Keith $125
176th Dustin Pastuła Dustin Pastuła $125
176th Stephanie Wacker Stephanie Wacker $125
179th Catherine Colquhoun Catherine Colquhoun $124
179th Cindy Kane Cindy Kane $124
179th Paul Simons Paul Simons $124
182nd Albert Harjes Albert Harjes $120
182nd Andrew Yarter Andrew Yarter $120
182nd Lisa Prause Lisa Prause $120
182nd Louise Bavier Louise Bavier $120
182nd Matt Harrell Matt Harrell $120
182nd Phil Good Phil Good $120
182nd Susan Bezek Susan Bezek $120
189th Kevin Kingsley Kevin Kingsley $115
189th Stephanie Busko Stephanie Busko $115
191st Alex Cross Alex Cross $114
192nd Kenneth Groezinger Kenneth Groezinger $114
193rd Greg Andrews Greg Andrews $110
193rd John Hawes John Hawes $110