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Rank Name Raised
39th Louise Bavier Louise Bavier $120
39th Susan Bezek Susan Bezek $120
N/A Coy Smith Coy Smith $0
42nd Kenneth Groezinger Kenneth Groezinger $113.50
43rd Greg Andrews Greg Andrews $110
44th Steve Miller Steve Miller $108.68
45th Cheryl Bolton Cheryl Bolton $103.50
45th Micheal McIntyre Micheal McIntyre $103.50
N/A John Hock John Hock $0
47th Bob Lee Bob Lee $100
47th Eli Levitt Eli Levitt $100
47th Evan Fusco Evan Fusco $100
47th Hector Garcia Hector Garcia $100
47th Jessica Shockley Jessica Shockley $100
47th Josh Eberhart Josh Eberhart $100
47th Linda Ryan Linda Ryan $100
47th Rena Perozich Rena Perozich $100
47th Richie Fogle Richie Fogle $100
47th Robert Paradis Robert Paradis $100
57th Patti Williamson Patti Williamson $95