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Rank Name Raised
211th Jay Mercado Jay Mercado $447
212th Chris Schnyder Chris Schnyder $443
213th You Qing Lin You Qing Lin $440
214th Catherine Colquhoun Catherine Colquhoun $435
215th Kelly Scollard Kelly Scollard $435
216th Danny Roberts Danny Roberts $432
N/A Ric Snead Ric Snead $0
217th MaryBeth Brunk MaryBeth Brunk $430
218th Bill Thorne Bill Thorne $425
219th Chad Westhouse Chad Westhouse $424
220th Mark Mitri Mark Mitri $422
221st Laura Marston Laura Marston $421
222nd Kevin Wendt Kevin Wendt $421
223rd Kristin Cikowski Kristin Cikowski $421
224th Joe Ramirez Joe Ramirez $420
225th Annyetta Lyttle Annyetta Lyttle $415
226th Mike Bonham Mike Bonham $413
227th Jim Solloway Jim Solloway $412
228th Mary Sund Mary Sund $410
229th Randy Russo Randy Russo $409