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Rank Name Raised
94th James Simmons James Simmons $36.23
95th Anthony Dabucon Anthony Dabucon $36.23
95th Christopher Urbaniak Christopher Urbaniak $36.23
95th Daniel DiGirolamo Daniel DiGirolamo $36.23
95th Ricardo Salinas Ricardo Salinas $36.23
99th Ann Rarig Ann Rarig $35
99th Douglas Campbell Douglas Campbell $35
99th Jenn Bushman Jenn Bushman $35
99th Jennifer Riley Kelley Jennifer Riley Kelley $35
99th Jordan Wells Jordan Wells $35
99th Joy Snook Joy Snook $35
99th Julia Johnson Julia Johnson $35
99th Kenneth Jacobs Kenneth Jacobs $35
99th Marie Rodriguez Marie Rodriguez $35
99th Rhonda Kessler Rhonda Kessler $35
99th Shawn Micheal Pearson Shawn Micheal Pearson $35
99th Weezy Alcott Weezy Alcott $35
N/A Bonnie McKenna Bonnie McKenna $0
N/A Bob Handshy Bob Handshy $0
N/A Luis Almeyda Luis Almeyda $0