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Rank Name Raised
275th Jose Reyes Jose Reyes 2years $356
276th Joseph Griffin Joseph Griffin $355
277th Andre Varunok Andre Varunok 2years $353
278th Melinda Knotts Melinda Knotts 2years $352
278th Steve Knotts Steve Knotts 2years $352
280th David Alan Montague David Alan Montague $350
281st Dave Rinker Dave Rinker 7years $350
282nd Paul Bellottie Paul Bellottie 3years $346
283rd Christine Butler Christine Butler 2years $343
284th Saif Uddin Saif Uddin 2years $342
285th Denise Cruz Denise Cruz 2years $342
286th Frank De Ponte Frank De Ponte $337
287th Taylor lewin Taylor lewin 2years $336
288th Jerry Krsnich Jerry Krsnich 3years $335
289th Scott Harkleroad Scott Harkleroad 4years $335
290th Sommer Larson Sommer Larson $333
291st Maureen Barkley Maureen Barkley 6years $333
292nd Claudia Irrgang Claudia Irrgang 2years $331
293rd Grace Moran Grace Moran 5years $331
294th Howard FIderer Howard FIderer 2years $331