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Rank Name Raised
39th Taylor lewin Taylor lewin $90
42nd Dena Crisp Dena Crisp $86
43rd Stacie Harder Stacie Harder $85
44th Patrick Vallely Patrick Vallely $85
45th Rebecca Anthony Rebecca Anthony $83
46th Rose Rybicki Rose Rybicki $80
47th Christopher Ballester Christopher Ballester $75
47th Nicole Murray Nicole Murray $75
47th Valerie Piarowski Johnson Valerie Piarowski Johnson $75
47th Vicki Robertson Vicki Robertson $75
51st Jill Baker Jill Baker $72
51st Nicola Scott Nicola Scott $72
53rd Pete Wingier Pete Wingier $72
54th Ryan Keith Ryan Keith $72
55th Rhonda Del Rio Rhonda Del Rio $70
56th Juany Leal Juany Leal $52
56th Ric Guerrero Ric Guerrero $52
7th Richard Grahn Richard Grahn $52
58th Charles McCowan Charles McCowan $50
58th Charles Too Charles Too $50