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Rank Name Raised
N/A Amy Bussie Amy Bussie $0
N/A Andrew burke Andrew burke $0
N/A Ann Younglove Ann Younglove $0
N/A Anneke Mossa Anneke Mossa $0
N/A Ariel D’Angelo Ariel D’Angelo $0
N/A Arleny Alvarez-Pena Arleny Alvarez-Pena $0
N/A Arrow Zetsumei Arrow Zetsumei $0
N/A Asad Bakhtani Asad Bakhtani $0
N/A Ashish Vora Ashish Vora $0
N/A Baltazar Goodger Baltazar Goodger $0
N/A Barbara Anderson Barbara Anderson $0
N/A Barrie McDaniel Barrie McDaniel $0
N/A Beau Jero Beau Jero $0
N/A Ben Alexander Ben Alexander $0
N/A Benjamin Elliott Benjamin Elliott $0
N/A Benjamin Midyette Benjamin Midyette $0
N/A Benjamin Zapata Benjamin Zapata $0
N/A Beth Becker Beth Becker $0
N/A Bill Anderson Bill Anderson $0
N/A Bob Arzadon Bob Arzadon $0