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Rank Name Raised
1694th Laurie Surprenant Laurie Surprenant 4years $36
1694th Lazaro Cardenas Lazaro Cardenas $36
1694th Leah Heyl Leah Heyl $36
1694th Lee Haskins Lee Haskins 3years $36
1694th Lisa Duncan Lisa Duncan 2years $36
1694th Lisa Gagnon Lisa Gagnon 2years $36
1694th Lisa Williams Lisa Williams $36
1694th Lorna Goodrich Lorna Goodrich 4years $36
1694th LUANN UNGER LUANN UNGER 4years $36
1694th Lucas Harbeck Lucas Harbeck 6years $36
1694th Luis Almeyda Luis Almeyda 3years $36
1694th Luis Ortez Luis Ortez $36
1694th Luz Marina Andrade Luna Luz Marina Andrade Luna $36
1694th Lynda Parker Lynda Parker 4years $36
1694th Lynette Sartori Lynette Sartori 2years $36
1694th Madison Zimmerman Madison Zimmerman 3years $36
1694th Margaret Seidenberg-Ellis Margaret Seidenberg-Ellis 4years $36
1694th Margarita Miller Margarita Miller 5years $36
1694th Mari Carabajal Mari Carabajal 2years $36
1694th Maria Vargas Maria Vargas 5years $36