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Rank Name Raised
174th Mike Maksymow Mike Maksymow 3years $1,475
175th Stewart Cruickshank Stewart Cruickshank 6years $1,472
176th Tyler Geske Tyler Geske 4years $1,470
177th Hanny Shanar Hanny Shanar 2years $1,467
178th James LeBlanc James LeBlanc 2years $1,466
179th Jay Martin Jay Martin 2years $1,463
180th Arley Fong Arley Fong 2years $1,461
181st Roy Kisner Roy Kisner 3years $1,447
182nd Matt Lyon Matt Lyon 4years $1,433
183rd Joe Nordstrom Joe Nordstrom 6years $1,425
184th Mike Ryba Mike Ryba $1,419
185th Dana Goetz Dana Goetz 3years $1,401
186th Pat Tuley Pat Tuley 2years $1,397
187th Mark Frumolt Mark Frumolt 2years $1,389
188th Priti Rastogi Priti Rastogi 3years $1,388
189th Ramesh Akula Ramesh Akula $1,387
190th Ron King Ron King $1,381
191st Ronnie Parsons Ronnie Parsons 6years $1,371
192nd Michelle Sinnott Michelle Sinnott 3years $1,361
193rd Ayden Butera Ayden Butera $1,351