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Rank Name Raised
159th Mike Schiller Mike Schiller 7years $528
160th Greg Andrews Greg Andrews 4years $528
161st Michael Culver Michael Culver $527
162nd Sara Lohman Sara Lohman 2years $527
163rd Rick Messner Rick Messner 3years $520
164th Chan Bliss Chan Bliss 7years $518
165th Abe Lumpe Abe Lumpe 5years $518
165th Amy Kaufman Amy Kaufman 6years $518
165th Bartley Settle Bartley Settle $518
165th Bryan Lee Bryan Lee 6years $518
165th Chance Brown Chance Brown 4years $518
165th Chris Holmes Chris Holmes 2years $518
165th Dan Doberstein Dan Doberstein 3years $518
165th David Drews David Drews 7years $518
165th David Younglove David Younglove 3years $518
165th Denver Barfuss Denver Barfuss $518
165th Doug Young Doug Young $518
165th Jamie Smith Jamie Smith $518
165th John Cook John Cook $518
165th Jolie Hoffmann Jolie Hoffmann 5years $518