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Rank Name Raised
269th Patricia Weiner Patricia Weiner $3,660
270th Alison Gould Alison Gould $3,658
271st Ian Vysick Ian Vysick $3,657
272nd Pam Conlon Pam Conlon $3,655
273rd Frank Cavallaro Frank Cavallaro $3,644
274th Natalie Maniatis Natalie Maniatis $3,642
275th Rowena Curtis Rowena Curtis $3,633
276th Gary Schnabel Gary Schnabel $3,631
277th John Martin John Martin $3,627
278th Sally Wiggell Sally Wiggell $3,622
279th Stan Zolenski Stan Zolenski $3,622
280th Paul Ronson Paul Ronson $3,617
281st Matt Rice Matt Rice $3,614
282nd Matthew Corrao Matthew Corrao $3,612
283rd Tom Lundquist Tom Lundquist $3,611
284th Phil Darrow Phil Darrow $3,606
285th Andrew Staffileno Andrew Staffileno $3,600
286th Fritz Fryer Fritz Fryer $3,600
287th Moreno Rimmaudo Moreno Rimmaudo $3,599
288th Roy Adams Roy Adams $3,599