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Rank Name Raised
172nd Deric Millis Deric Millis 2years $565
173rd Steve Tomasko Steve Tomasko 2years $563
174th Nancy Waller Nancy Waller 5years $560
175th Scott DeWall Scott DeWall $559
176th Gene Pennell Gene Pennell $558
177th Scott Beaudreault Scott Beaudreault $556
178th Claudia Irrgang Claudia Irrgang 2years $554
179th Michael Snelson Michael Snelson 5years $554
180th Joseph Brady Joseph Brady 6years $553
181st Jeff Forehand Jeff Forehand 2years $549
182nd Don Dinulos Don Dinulos $548
183rd Casey Kalinowski Casey Kalinowski 2years $548
184th Ron Williams Ron Williams 6years $547
185th Pam Sage Pam Sage 5years $547
186th Howard High Howard High 5years $544
187th Ira Lunsk Ira Lunsk 4years $540
188th Connie Fuelling Connie Fuelling 3years $539
189th Kevin Mitchell Kevin Mitchell 2years $539
190th Claudia Kelm Claudia Kelm $538
190th Craig Atkinson Craig Atkinson $538