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Rank Name Raised
96th Ray Anthony Gagliardino Ray Anthony Gagliardino 3years $1,853
97th Edward Morrows Edward Morrows 2years $1,852
98th Kevin Sanders Kevin Sanders 3years $1,832
99th Daniel DiGirolamo Daniel DiGirolamo 6years $1,816
100th Michael Tropiano Michael Tropiano 3years $1,786
101st Nancy Empey Nancy Empey 4years $1,783
102nd MIchael Pagliarulo MIchael Pagliarulo $1,762
103rd Laz Llanes Laz Llanes 3years $1,759
104th Shari Kogachi Shari Kogachi 4years $1,739
105th Maredith Spector Maredith Spector 3years $1,731
106th Pierre Guite Pierre Guite $1,704
107th Sharon Roulo Sharon Roulo 3years $1,703
108th Michele Kelley Michele Kelley $1,701
109th Sally Rech Sally Rech 4years $1,699
110th Dianna Reynolds Dianna Reynolds 2years $1,691
111th Brad Sterkenburg Brad Sterkenburg 2years $1,656
112th John Brunette John Brunette 4years $1,655
113th Paul Eustace Paul Eustace 6years $1,654
114th Randy Hoffman Randy Hoffman 5years $1,636
115th Daniella Titone Daniella Titone 2years $1,631