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Rank Name Raised
Members of #STRONGKIDS
64th Angela Piccirilli Angela Piccirilli $2,043
307th Gina Salvia Bova Gina Salvia Bova $1,061
637th Amber Hanley Charrette Amber Hanley Charrette $750
1860th Cate Bova Cate Bova $440
2896th Kellie Knill Schoch Kellie Knill Schoch $274
6882nd Ryan Mitter Ryan Mitter $78
N/A Butch Schoof Butch Schoof $0
N/A Denise Schoof Denise Schoof $0
N/A Megan Mitter Megan Mitter $0
2nd Team O'Brien Team O'Brien $4,010
Members of Team O'Brien
158th Tyler OBrien Tyler OBrien $1,423
7259th Jessie O’Brien Jessie O’Brien $1,149
2414th Kyle O’Brien Kyle O’Brien $331
5486th Deirdre O'Brien Deirdre O'Brien $119
7997th James Mcdermott James Mcdermott $52
11237th Bailey O'brien Bailey O'brien $21
N/A Charles Simpkins III Charles Simpkins III $0
N/A Matt Roan Matt Roan $0
3rd Crash Test Dummies Crash Test Dummies $4,417
Members of Crash Test Dummies
781st Therese Mazzei Therese Mazzei $677
1249th Monique Mazzei Monique Mazzei $589
1354th Teddy Gumabon Teddy Gumabon $531
1389th Thomas Mazzei Thomas Mazzei $525
2260th Demi Pomare Demi Pomare $511
9979th Jessie Bautista Jessie Bautista $242
3965th Jamey Weakley Jamey Weakley $211
4256th issac Erickson issac Erickson $171
9139th Lysia & Marc Mendiola Lysia & Marc Mendiola $36
N/A Brenda and Derek Sanchez Brenda and Derek Sanchez $0
N/A Sharon Elson Sharon Elson $0
4th Team Frozen Team Frozen $3,268
Members of Team Frozen
58th Jesse Davis Jesse Davis $2,201
303rd Pepper McFarland Pepper McFarland $1,067
5th Try-R Spin Try-R Spin $3,225
Members of Try-R Spin
427th Sharon Roulo Sharon Roulo $932
367th John Roulo John Roulo $631
1035th Sarah Roulo Sarah Roulo $595
1336th Abby Mencl Abby Mencl $534
1347th Robert Roulo Robert Roulo $532
6th Dynamic Duo Dynamic Duo $2,930
Members of Dynamic Duo
66th Mary Lisa Mary Lisa $2,034
451st pam frisk pam frisk $896
7th Hope team Hope team $2,722
Members of Hope team
31st Gaby Malcer Gaby Malcer $2,722
8th Mountain Pedalers Mountain Pedalers $2,651
Members of Mountain Pedalers
47th Melinda Knotts Melinda Knotts $2,501
4632nd Steve Knotts Steve Knotts $150
N/A Betsy Sayre Betsy Sayre $0
9th Bullrun Bikers Bullrun Bikers $2,580
Members of Bullrun Bikers
49th Antariksh Krishnan Antariksh Krishnan $2,460
N/A Krishnan Viswanathan Krishnan Viswanathan $0
10th Gorock Gorock $2,443
Members of Gorock
50th Gillian Goff Gillian Goff $2,443
11th Café & Nata Café & Nata $2,433
Members of Café & Nata
52nd Ilda Costa Pereira Ilda Costa Pereira $2,397
9139th Chris Connors Chris Connors $36
N/A Maria Cerqueira Maria Cerqueira $0
12th Tomahawk Fitness Tomahawk Fitness $2,360
Members of Tomahawk Fitness
224th Regan Goldring Regan Goldring $1,215
328th Johnathan Smith Johnathan Smith $1,041
9139th Adam Kidd Adam Kidd $36
9139th Diserie Kidd Diserie Kidd $36
13th Ribbon Riders Ribbon Riders $2,297
Members of Ribbon Riders
7653rd Georgette Hawkins Georgette Hawkins $62
N/A Earnie Hawkins Earnie Hawkins $0
N/A Latoya Rosa Latoya Rosa $0
14th A Team Worldwide A Team Worldwide $2,239
Members of A Team Worldwide
257th Jared Wallace Jared Wallace $1,140
280th Josh Wallace Josh Wallace $1,099
15th Familia Kaila Familia Kaila $2,224
Members of Familia Kaila
151st Manny Rosario Manny Rosario $1,521
2386th Christopher Rosario Christopher Rosario $335
4161st Terrie Rosario Terrie Rosario $176
4874th Jessica Rosario Jessica Rosario $140
12319th ChristineMarie Camacho ChristineMarie Camacho $52
N/A Clarence Mendiola Clarence Mendiola $0
N/A Danny Waters Danny Waters $0
N/A Tiffany Johnson Tiffany Johnson $0
16th Pedal Punishers Pedal Punishers $2,117
Members of Pedal Punishers
585th Wesley Hare Wesley Hare $781
806th Jake Hare Jake Hare $662
996th ALICIA FReeman ALICIA FReeman $601
7095th Jessica Briskin Jessica Briskin $72
17th AZAuggie2022 AZAuggie2022 $1,830
Members of AZAuggie2022
570th Chris Dixon Chris Dixon $796
1751st Jeff Esteban Jeff Esteban $486
2303rd kelly esteban kelly esteban $347
5186th Brenden Wilson Brenden Wilson $124
18th 2DogPeddlers 2DogPeddlers $1,821
Members of 2DogPeddlers
1047th Melody Zaitz Kaminskas Melody Zaitz Kaminskas $592
1540th Gary Kaminskas Gary Kaminskas $510
19th Thomas Creech Thomas Creech $1,785
Members of Thomas Creech
132nd Lindy Creech Lindy Creech $1,526
20th Cycling Cooks Cycling Cooks $1,763
Members of Cycling Cooks
89th Matthew Cook Matthew Cook $1,763
N/A Landon Cook Landon Cook $0
N/A Melissa cook Melissa cook $0
21st Family Strong Family Strong $1,704
Members of Family Strong
277th Donald Melanson Donald Melanson $1,150
2854th Lisa Graca Lisa Graca $279
3122nd Lizzy Austin Lizzy Austin $250
10927th carolann melanson carolann melanson $25
22nd Grace Strong Grace Strong $1,627
Members of Grace Strong
175th Charles Peterson Charles Peterson $1,379
3159th Josh Peterson Josh Peterson $248
23rd Johnny's  Team Johnny's Team $1,538
Members of Johnny's Team
494th Brian  Phelps Brian Phelps $852
764th Rose Rybicki Rose Rybicki $686
N/A Lucas Amaya Lucas Amaya $0
24th Bottoms Up Bottoms Up $1,528
Members of Bottoms Up
300th Michael Walls Michael Walls $1,071
3085th Kenneth Bell Kenneth Bell $254
4573rd Robin Renee Bell Robin Renee Bell $152
N/A John Moskal John Moskal $0
N/A Robbie Walls Robbie Walls $0
25th Piper's Pedaling Crew Piper's Pedaling Crew $1,397
Members of Piper's Pedaling Crew
2492nd Brianna Caissie Brianna Caissie $321
2795th Georgia Caissie Georgia Caissie $284
4256th Beverly McCarthy Beverly McCarthy $171
26th Team Kahovec Team Kahovec $1,350
Members of Team Kahovec
446th Mike Kahovec Mike Kahovec $900
2310th Christian RUIZ Christian RUIZ $346
27th TeamRT TeamRT $1,335
Members of TeamRT
191st Charles Jones Charles Jones $1,335
28th Denim Is My Hero Denim Is My Hero $1,320
Members of Denim Is My Hero
691st Kim Williams Kim Williams $720
999th Char Marie Char Marie $600
N/A Vernita Marshall-Frazier Vernita Marshall-Frazier $0
29th David Boice Tribute Ride David Boice Tribute Ride $1,237
Members of David Boice Tribute Ride
218th Amanda Hoprich Amanda Hoprich $1,237
N/A Michael Hoprich Michael Hoprich $0
30th Honeylovers Honeylovers $1,237
Members of Honeylovers
674th Susan Foster Susan Foster $729
1548th Roger Solomon Roger Solomon $509
31st The Cogzillas The Cogzillas $1,204
Members of The Cogzillas
687th Jeri Ellis Jeri Ellis $721
N/A Kristen Updegraff Kristen Updegraff $0
32nd Team Laura Team Laura $1,160
Members of Team Laura
1370th Doug Jahnke Doug Jahnke $528
1996th Merilee Gibbs Jahnke Merilee Gibbs Jahnke $405
3397th Kathryn Cantu Kathryn Cantu $228
33rd Cyclones Cyclones $1,098
Members of Cyclones
1862nd Gayle Phillips Gayle Phillips $439
2167th Jamie Phillips Jamie Phillips $373
3147th Stacy Stuart-Wilson Stacy Stuart-Wilson $249
34th Team Rodda Team Rodda $1,083
Members of Team Rodda
909th Christopher Rodda Christopher Rodda $628
2590th Linda Rodda Linda Rodda $305
6477th Eric Probst Eric Probst $93
7866th Vincent sorge Vincent sorge $57
35th The Young and the Rest of us The Young and the Rest of us $1,076
Members of The Young and the Rest of us
2835th Teresa  Kellem Teresa Kellem $279
2941st Amy Irions Amy Irions $268
4327th Dave Ehnle Dave Ehnle $166
4613th Susan Mulally Susan Mulally $150
6382nd Carol Patterson Carol Patterson $98
36th Jean and Ed Martin Family Strong! Jean and Ed Martin Family Strong! $1,075
Members of Jean and Ed Martin Family Strong!
295th Donna Martin Donna Martin $1,075
37th Rolling Diaspora Rolling Diaspora $1,055
Members of Rolling Diaspora
1253rd DaNiel Wood DaNiel Wood $547
1554th Stephanie Wood Stephanie Wood $508
38th Nitram Crankers 188 Gears Nitram Crankers 188 Gears $1,052
Members of Nitram Crankers 188 Gears
1610th Shawn Ressler Shawn Ressler $504
2613th Ney Delgado Ney Delgado $303
8464th James Kostka James Kostka $50
9979th Bob Robertson Bob Robertson $35
9979th Shannon Reissman Shannon Reissman $35
N/A Andrea Sauvageot Andrea Sauvageot $0
N/A Joe Coyle Joe Coyle $0
N/A Suzan Harrison Suzan Harrison $0
39th Katie’s Korner Katie’s Korner $1,040
Members of Katie’s Korner
330th Greg Gibbs Greg Gibbs $1,040
40th Vicko Leyva Vicko Leyva $1,039
Members of Vicko Leyva
332nd Victor Leyva Victor Leyva $1,039
369th Ricky Irving Wood Ricky Irving Wood $1,008
42nd Team O'Riley Team O'Riley $1,000
Members of Team O'Riley
384th Christine O'Riley Christine O'Riley $1,000
43rd Moving For Wellness Moving For Wellness $974
Members of Moving For Wellness
904th Phillip Mullen Phillip Mullen $630
2584th Lukas Garcia Lukas Garcia $308
N/A Robert Fernandez Robert Fernandez $0
44th #paulverizecancer #paulverizecancer $951
Members of #paulverizecancer
829th Nicole Bowling Nicole Bowling $654
2674th Jill Alexander Jill Alexander $297
45th Team Jackie Team Jackie $937
Members of Team Jackie
966th Daniel Klear Daniel Klear $609
2439th Allison Ellerbrock Allison Ellerbrock $328
N/A Zach Rieman Zach Rieman $0
46th The Rad Cycles The Rad Cycles $900
Members of The Rad Cycles
2041st Victoria Jones Victoria Jones $398
2264th Hillary Rademacher Hillary Rademacher $355
6983rd Matthew Rademacher Matthew Rademacher $75
8924th Hannah McQuade Hannah McQuade $47
10927th Lindsey McQuade Lindsey McQuade $25
47th Long riders for Dorothy Long riders for Dorothy $885
Members of Long riders for Dorothy
1529th Brian Long Brian Long $511
2160th Judi Long Judi Long $374
48th Slow Roller...but I’m there... Slow Roller...but I’m there... $868
Members of Slow Roller...but I’m there...
1219th Marcos Maldonado Marcos Maldonado $552
4486th Jackie Galindo Jackie Galindo $155
4976th Antonia Torres Antonia Torres $135
N/A Ronnie Newman Ronnie Newman $0
49th Trini Riders Trini Riders $819
Members of Trini Riders
584th Khematie Ramnanan Khematie Ramnanan $783
9287th Alana Ramnanan Alana Ramnanan $36
N/A Dan Love Dan Love $0
N/A James Ramnanan James Ramnanan $0
50th Team Berghorn Team Berghorn $801
Members of Team Berghorn
559th Steven BERGHORN Steven BERGHORN $801