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Rank Name Raised
422nd Molly Ann Molly Ann 2years $57
426th Ryan Keith Ryan Keith 3years $57
427th Maureen Harris Maureen Harris $56
428th Grace Moran Grace Moran 6years $56
429th Ervin Guzman Ervin Guzman 7years $55
430th Anita Mondo Anita Mondo 6years $52
430th Breck Bator Pierce Breck Bator Pierce 4years $52
430th carolyn cagle carolyn cagle 7years $52
430th Chad Westhouse Chad Westhouse 7years $52
430th Charlie Carlos T. Carrillo Charlie Carlos T. Carrillo 7years $52
430th Corby Krick Corby Krick 5years $52
430th Daniel Aguilar Daniel Aguilar 5years $52
430th Dee Casado Dee Casado $52
430th Donna Terry Moens Donna Terry Moens 5years $52
430th Eirinn Norrie Eirinn Norrie $52
430th Greg Strohmenger Greg Strohmenger 3years $52
430th Hannah Fennell Hannah Fennell 3years $52
430th Jennifer Buda Jennifer Buda 7years $52
430th Jim Ellis Jim Ellis $52
430th Kevin Coulter Kevin Coulter 5years $52