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Rank Name Raised
384th Bill Bryan Bill Bryan 5years $250
384th Billy Gill Billy Gill 4years $250
384th Jessica Rosario Jessica Rosario 5years $250
387th Henry Pruitt Henry Pruitt 5years $248
387th Jim Carter Jim Carter 4years $248
389th Steve Carr Steve Carr 3years $247
390th Jose Reyes Jose Reyes 3years $247
391st LeeAnn Payne LeeAnn Payne 7years $246
392nd Amy Lankow Amy Lankow 5years $243
392nd Don Munkres Don Munkres 5years $243
392nd Lisa Schnaitmann Lisa Schnaitmann 2years $243
392nd Suzanne Estrada Suzanne Estrada 3years $243
396th Mike Haszto Mike Haszto 5years $243
397th Chris Edmunds Chris Edmunds 4years $240
398th Cynthia Hebert Cynthia Hebert 6years $240
398th Michael Clanin Michael Clanin 5years $240
400th Arianna Kourtesis Arianna Kourtesis $238
401st Matthew Oden Sr. Matthew Oden Sr. 3years $238
402nd Kyle Bashour Kyle Bashour $237
403rd Shirley Niebling Shirley Niebling 4years $237