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Rank Name Raised
N/A Kevin Lynch Kevin Lynch $0
N/A Kevin Mazick Kevin Mazick $0
N/A Kevin Thornton Kevin Thornton 3years $0
N/A Kim Miller Kim Miller 4years $0
N/A Kirk Leintz Kirk Leintz 3years $0
N/A Kyle Bushue Kyle Bushue 4years $0
N/A Latrisha Strother Latrisha Strother $0
N/A Laurie Archer Laurie Archer $0
N/A Lee Carr Lee Carr 3years $0
1259th LeeAnn Payne LeeAnn Payne 7years $349
N/A Leonard Allen Leonard Allen 2years $0
N/A Luigi Labigalini Luigi Labigalini $0
N/A Lukas Shimatsu Lukas Shimatsu $0
N/A Maksim Cruz Maksim Cruz $0
N/A Manos Maragkoudakis Manos Maragkoudakis 7years $0
N/A Manu Danielson Manu Danielson 3years $0
N/A Maria Lass Maria Lass $0
N/A Mark Acfalle Mark Acfalle $0
N/A Mark Faul Mark Faul 3years $0
N/A Mark Kirchner Mark Kirchner 5years $0