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Rank Name Raised
38th Prethi Gurumurthy Prethi Gurumurthy $1,559
39th Angela Piccirilli Angela Piccirilli $1,549
40th Andy Moss Andy Moss $1,534
41st Coy Smith Coy Smith $36
41st Lindy Creech Lindy Creech $1,526
42nd Jordan scheiderich Jordan scheiderich $1,525
43rd Matt Marshall Matt Marshall $1,510
44th Brittany Sigler Brittany Sigler $1,502
45th Antariksh Krishnan Antariksh Krishnan $1,482
46th Brendan Hunt Brendan Hunt $1,471
46th John Hock John Hock $20
47th Lisa Marie Scrima-Castelli Lisa Marie Scrima-Castelli $1,446
48th Michael Snelson Michael Snelson $1,438
49th Linda Ryan Linda Ryan $1,434
50th Michael Payne Michael Payne $1,427
51st Anthony Tubiolo Anthony Tubiolo $1,424
52nd Aaron Kidd Aaron Kidd $1,411
53rd Robert Cartwright Robert Cartwright $1,387
54th Elizabeth Hoffman Elizabeth Hoffman $1,376
55th Beth Neubauer Beth Neubauer $1,362