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Rank Name Raised
39th Robert Radecki Robert Radecki $140.60
40th Erin Moore Erin Moore $136.75
N/A Coy Smith Coy Smith $0
41st Laurie McIntosh Laurie McIntosh $135
42nd Chad Velta Chad Velta $124.20
42nd Paul Simons Paul Simons $124.20
44th Vincent Marcellus Vincent Marcellus $122.45
45th Albert Harjes Albert Harjes $120
45th Louise Bavier Louise Bavier $120
45th Susan Bezek Susan Bezek $120
N/A John Hock John Hock $0
48th Kenneth Groezinger Kenneth Groezinger $113.50
49th Greg Andrews Greg Andrews $110
50th Steve Miller Steve Miller $108.68
51st Cheryl Bolton Cheryl Bolton $103.50
51st Karl Gollhardt Karl Gollhardt $103.50
51st Micheal McIntyre Micheal McIntyre $103.50
51st Mike Stump Mike Stump $103.50
51st Stephanie McGreevy Stephanie McGreevy $103.50
56th Bob Lee Bob Lee $100