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Rank Name Raised
176th Ted Muench Ted Muench 3years $4,754
177th Michael Short Michael Short 2years $4,739
178th Greg Folts Greg Folts 2years $4,730
179th Josh Long Josh Long 7years $4,727
180th Terri Marks Terri Marks 3years $4,726
181st Wallace Jones Wallace Jones 5years $4,712
182nd Anneke Mossa Anneke Mossa 7years $4,708
183rd Matt Cromie Matt Cromie 5years $4,693
184th Joan Rinaldi Joan Rinaldi 3years $4,679
185th Shaundi Boyce Shaundi Boyce 4years $4,677
186th Benjamin Moritz Schaefer Benjamin Moritz Schaefer 4years $4,673
187th Christopher Nikles Christopher Nikles 7years $4,606
188th Phil Wolf Phil Wolf $4,599
189th Alan Koizumi Alan Koizumi $4,597
190th Jeff McCullough Jeff McCullough 5years $4,586
191st Bill Hite, Jr. Bill Hite, Jr. 7years $4,563
192nd Ronald Wilds Ronald Wilds 5years $4,535
193rd MaryElla Jones MaryElla Jones 6years $4,520
194th Susan Edwards Susan Edwards 2years $4,501
195th Pam Conlon Pam Conlon 7years $4,499