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Rank Name Raised
80th Mike Schreck Mike Schreck 2years $6,973
81st Howard FIderer Howard FIderer 2years $6,898
82nd Derek Buckridge Derek Buckridge 5years $6,852
83rd Jerome Butterbrodt Jerome Butterbrodt 4years $6,815
84th Luis SeraFin Luis SeraFin 6years $6,739
85th Buddy Sims Buddy Sims 4years $6,719
86th Les Sacani Les Sacani 2years $6,635
87th Mark Bilfield Mark Bilfield 3years $6,604
88th Lynn Nichols Lynn Nichols 2years $6,600
89th Ona Porter Ona Porter 3years $6,557
90th Linda Rickabaugh Linda Rickabaugh 2years $6,525
91st Rose Dutkevich Rose Dutkevich 6years $6,477
92nd Lucia T Castaldo Turlington Lucia T Castaldo Turlington 2years $6,468
93rd Kirk Clague Kirk Clague 4years $6,413
94th Crystal Dunnings Crystal Dunnings 6years $6,402
95th Andy Moss Andy Moss 5years $6,394
96th Edward Sanabria Edward Sanabria $6,385
97th Buddy Collins Buddy Collins 3years $6,366
98th Joe Peritore Joe Peritore 4years $6,355
99th David Hausner David Hausner 5years $6,297