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Rank Name Raised
327th Joe Gay Joe Gay $633
328th Mateusz Koptyra Mateusz Koptyra $632
329th Reed Hastings Reed Hastings $631
330th Darcy LaCombe Darcy LaCombe $631
331st Bonnie Jo Cheron Bonnie Jo Cheron $631
332nd Andy Langzettel Andy Langzettel $629
332nd Angel Alonso Angel Alonso $2,265
333rd Rebecca Anthony Rebecca Anthony $628
334th Eric Himsel Eric Himsel $628
335th Rick Winters Rick Winters $628
336th Karolina Urbanowicz Karolina Urbanowicz $627
337th Patricia West Patricia West $626
338th Ron Williams Ron Williams $626
339th Lisa Kurecz-Fredricks Lisa Kurecz-Fredricks $626
340th Terry Egglefield Terry Egglefield $625
341st Rodger Meadows Rodger Meadows $625
342nd Cody Mellott Cody Mellott $621
343rd Carol Roberts Carol Roberts $620
344th Sara Brown Sara Brown $619
345th Lexie Holliday Lexie Holliday $618