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Rank Name Raised
44th Robert Wurz Robert Wurz 4years $52
N/A Rolando Ray Rolando Ray 4years $0
N/A Roy Adams Roy Adams 3years $0
57th Sarah Crawford Sarah Crawford 3years $31
N/A Stephanie Jasso Stephanie Jasso 2years $0
N/A Stephanie Teigen Stephanie Teigen $0
N/A Steve Allie Steve Allie 5years $0
N/A Tony Bruno Tony Bruno 3years $0
N/A Jordan Gray Jordan Gray 3years $0
11th Billy Gill Billy Gill 4years $250
35th Christopher Clark Christopher Clark 2years $102
N/A CJ Smith CJ Smith 4years $0
N/A LeAnn Aker LeAnn Aker 3years $0
N/A Margarita Miller Margarita Miller 6years $0
N/A Robin Tibbits Robin Tibbits 6years $0
N/A Michael Humbolt Michael Humbolt 2years $0
N/A Jennifer Miller Jennifer Miller 4years $0
N/A Landon Tadlock Landon Tadlock 5years $0
N/A Aaron Han Aaron Han 3years $0
N/A Adam Caudle Adam Caudle 3years $0