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Rank Name Raised
173rd Russell Spann Russell Spann 4years $207
174th James Simmons James Simmons 7years $205
175th Glyn Rimmington Glyn Rimmington 3years $204
175th Mark Collette Mark Collette 4years $204
177th Robert Hamby Robert Hamby 2years $201
178th Gail Gibbs Gail Gibbs 3years $201
179th Dianna Reynolds Dianna Reynolds 2years $200
179th Scott Turbee Scott Turbee $200
179th Steven Smith Steven Smith 2years $200
179th Veronica O’Brien Veronica O’Brien 3years $200
183rd Amy Anderson Amy Anderson $197
184th Vanessa Wallace Vanessa Wallace 4years $194
185th Fisher Ames Fisher Ames 2years $191
186th Rob Luis Rob Luis 6years $190
187th John Alan Lovra John Alan Lovra 7years $188
188th Scott Belden Scott Belden 6years $187
189th Jeannette Schorfheide Jeannette Schorfheide 4years $186
190th Cynthia Hallgren-Helfrich Cynthia Hallgren-Helfrich 7years $185
191st Nicole Murray Nicole Murray 3years $182
192nd Edward Marshall Edward Marshall 7years $181