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Rank Name Raised
1st Spare Tire Running Spare Tire Running $1,651
Members of Spare Tire Running
27th Dan Burk Dan Burk $1,641
4664th Brian Mecham Brian Mecham $10
2nd The Neenan Company Pedaling For a Cause The Neenan Company Pedaling For a Cause $1,175
Members of The Neenan Company Pedaling For a Cause
224th Rebecca Wilcox Rebecca Wilcox $652
350th Zach Adams Zach Adams $524
N/A Jimmy Duckworth Jimmy Duckworth $0
N/A Randy Myers Randy Myers $0
3rd Team Rackspace Technology Team Rackspace Technology $765
Members of Team Rackspace Technology
416th Dave Hollein Dave Hollein $500
1586th Jeff Kennedy Jeff Kennedy $126
2818th Matthew Manning Matthew Manning $52
2818th Zach McGaugh Zach McGaugh $52
3695th Sean Nikkel Sean Nikkel $35
N/A brad carlisle brad carlisle $0
N/A Jason Clapp Jason Clapp $0
N/A Todd W. Bucy Todd W. Bucy $0
4th Zebra Technologies Community Relations Zebra Technologies Community Relations $692
Members of Zebra Technologies Community Relations
1040th Eric Hilton Eric Hilton $200
1869th Bruce Henderson Bruce Henderson $104
1990th Benjamin Dolpp Benjamin Dolpp $100
1990th Jeff Snipes Jeff Snipes $100
2975th Josealberto Pagan Josealberto Pagan $50
3322nd John Dickson John Dickson $41
3431st Glen Rockford Glen Rockford $36
4735th Maheshwar Mahajan Maheshwar Mahajan $10
N/A Amanda Berry Amanda Berry $0
N/A Anna Labedzki Valenti Anna Labedzki Valenti $0
N/A Anthony Palcheck Anthony Palcheck $0
N/A Artemisa Jandes Artemisa Jandes $0
N/A Becky Walker Becky Walker $0
N/A David Chiesa David Chiesa $0
N/A Eric Freeburg Eric Freeburg $0
N/A Jason Williams Jason Williams $0
N/A John Bender John Bender $0
N/A Luke Wilk Luke Wilk $0
N/A Melissa Wagner Melissa Wagner $0
N/A Nathan Winters Nathan Winters $0
N/A Paul Hilton Paul Hilton $0
N/A Skip WoodburyZebra Skip WoodburyZebra $0
N/A Todd Naughton Todd Naughton $0
5th Offsides LLC Offsides LLC $544
Members of Offsides LLC
567th Zac Carbine Zac Carbine $365
2975th Joey Joyaux Joey Joyaux $50
N/A Jake Joyaux Jake Joyaux $0
6th AIM 4 Aunt Becky AIM 4 Aunt Becky $507
Members of AIM 4 Aunt Becky
442nd Cory Waldron Cory Waldron $471
3431st Mariah Waldron Mariah Waldron $36
7th Team Adam Team Adam $461
Members of Team Adam
451st Donald McNeil Donald McNeil $461
8th Team JCG Team JCG $421
Members of Team JCG
559th Nelson Thulin Nelson Thulin $369
N/A Philip Sinn Philip Sinn $0
N/A Vincent Roberge Vincent Roberge $0
9th Medical info now Medical info now $388
Members of Medical info now
531st David Rosen David Rosen $388
10th Team Wipfli Team Wipfli $278
Members of Team Wipfli
1990th Michelle Williams Michelle Williams $100
2546th Bill Keller Bill Keller $70
3431st Katie Wallor Katie Wallor $36
N/A Becca Holman Becca Holman $0
N/A MK Reesor MK Reesor $0
N/A Ralph Tite Ralph Tite $0
11th Cherry Bekaert Digital Cherry Bekaert Digital $250
Members of Cherry Bekaert Digital
837th Chris Martin Chris Martin $250
12th Blue towel racing Blue towel racing $236
Members of Blue towel racing
891st Christopher Hochstedt Christopher Hochstedt $236
N/A Caroline Hochstedt Caroline Hochstedt $0
13th BlueWave Solar BlueWave Solar $177
Members of BlueWave Solar
1177th Jacqueline Firsty Jacqueline Firsty $177
N/A Parker Friedman Parker Friedman $0
14th The Hard Luck Souls The Hard Luck Souls $172
Members of The Hard Luck Souls
1507th Dave Smassanow Dave Smassanow $136
3431st Beth Smassanow Beth Smassanow $36
N/A Mark Schmidt Mark Schmidt $0
15th Humanity Realtors & Friends Humanity Realtors & Friends $154
Members of Humanity Realtors & Friends
1344th Holly Mueck Holly Mueck $154
16th Christian Care Communities and Services Christian Care Communities and Services $150
Members of Christian Care Communities and Services
1381st Edmund Damron Edmund Damron $150
17th Phalcon PhreeWheelers Phalcon PhreeWheelers $150
Members of Phalcon PhreeWheelers
1381st Dominic DiCenzo Dominic DiCenzo $150
N/A Christine Conroy Christine Conroy $0
18th Atlas Cancer Crushers Atlas Cancer Crushers $140
Members of Atlas Cancer Crushers
2809th Thomas Herholz Thomas Herholz $52
2818th Steven Rosen Steven Rosen $52
3431st Ruth McClosky Ruth McClosky $36
N/A Connor Devine Connor Devine $0
N/A Jim Harrington Jim Harrington $0
19th Your CBD Store Fairfield Your CBD Store Fairfield $120
Members of Your CBD Store Fairfield
1675th Jeffrey Butterfield Jeffrey Butterfield $120
20th BordArt / GK5 Digitizing BordArt / GK5 Digitizing $109
Members of BordArt / GK5 Digitizing
1822nd Jose De Anda Jose De Anda $109
21st WYO Design Studio WYO Design Studio $106
Members of WYO Design Studio
1845th Doug Spriggs Doug Spriggs $106
22nd Compass Minerals Compass Minerals $100
Members of Compass Minerals
1990th Logan Bateman Logan Bateman $100
23rd RHC RHC $100
Members of RHC
1990th Bria Hanig Bria Hanig $100
24th Bitrode Corporation Bitrode Corporation $92
Members of Bitrode Corporation
2218th Chuck Smith Chuck Smith $92
25th BMWC Cycles Across the USA BMWC Cycles Across the USA $70
Members of BMWC Cycles Across the USA
2546th Quintin Whitaker Quintin Whitaker $70
N/A Cole Bruenderman Cole Bruenderman $0
N/A Fazlay Rubby Fazlay Rubby $0
N/A Katie Abigail Bassett Katie Abigail Bassett $0
26th Paul's Autobody & Custom Paul's Autobody & Custom $70
Members of Paul's Autobody & Custom
2546th Paul Kalenak Paul Kalenak $70
27th Quest Quest $70
Members of Quest
2546th Celso Cipolla Celso Cipolla $70
28th Atlas Appraisal Atlas Appraisal $60
Members of Atlas Appraisal
2711th Bob Campomanes Bob Campomanes $60
29th CCRF CCRF $50
Members of CCRF
2975th Megan Hannon Megan Hannon $50
30th Westinghouse Riders Westinghouse Riders $50
Members of Westinghouse Riders
2975th Kimberly Dukes Kimberly Dukes $50
31st All Kids All Kids $40
Members of All Kids
3331st Ashley OGLESBEE Ashley OGLESBEE $40
32nd VeloFlöProjekt VeloFlöProjekt $36
Members of VeloFlöProjekt
3360th Zed Pitts Zed Pitts $36
33rd Bigwheels Bigwheels $36
Members of Bigwheels
N/A Alicia Gibson Alicia Gibson $0
N/A Dan Goldy Dan Goldy $0
3431st Alex Avilez Alex Avilez $36
35th eThinkers eThinkers $35
Members of eThinkers
3695th Jeremy Schweitzer Jeremy Schweitzer $35
N/A Jesse Safran Jesse Safran $0
N/A Nathan Rosenquist Nathan Rosenquist $0
36th Neudesic Neudesic $35
Members of Neudesic
3695th Charles Henderson Charles Henderson $35
37th Team Qumulon Team Qumulon $25
Members of Team Qumulon
4214th Scott Lewis Scott Lewis $25
38th Penn Vet Penn Vet $20
Members of Penn Vet
4488th Monique Pare Monique Pare $20
N/A Austin Boldt Austin Boldt $0
39th Team FCAM Team FCAM $20
Members of Team FCAM
4488th Christopher J Eyre Christopher J Eyre $20
40th YCRC Finish Line YCRC Finish Line $20
Members of YCRC Finish Line
4488th Aubrey Lingley Aubrey Lingley $20
41st Heartwood’s Happy Haulers Heartwood’s Happy Haulers $10
Members of Heartwood’s Happy Haulers
4735th Ronald Russell Ronald Russell $10
N/A 7Legacies 7Legacies $0
Members of 7Legacies
N/A cody gillett cody gillett $0
N/A 9thNinja 9thNinja $0
Members of 9thNinja
N/A Jace Fares Jace Fares $0
N/A Advanced Mankind Advanced Mankind $0
Members of Advanced Mankind
N/A Fernando Higuera Fernando Higuera $0
N/A Advice Media Advice Media $0
Members of Advice Media
N/A Darren Seigel Darren Seigel $0
N/A ARNG Marketing ARNG Marketing $0
Members of ARNG Marketing
N/A Alpa Ladani Alpa Ladani $0
N/A Andrew Waiters Andrew Waiters $0
N/A Christopher Szopinski Christopher Szopinski $0
N/A Jon Ferber Jon Ferber $0
N/A ASAP Fitness ASAP Fitness $0
Members of ASAP Fitness
N/A Lotty Kanemoto Lotty Kanemoto $0
N/A BC BC $0
Members of BC
N/A Jenny Bermúdez Mejía Jenny Bermúdez Mejía $0
N/A Black Magic Audio Black Magic Audio $0
Members of Black Magic Audio
N/A Mark Nestor Mark Nestor $0
N/A BmoreU MTB BmoreU MTB $0
Members of BmoreU MTB
N/A Cody Vickers Cody Vickers $0