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Rank Name Raised
96th Magdalena Plonka Magdalena Plonka 2years $707
97th Tammy Quickbear Tammy Quickbear $707
98th Chet J Nigowski Chet J Nigowski 2years $705
99th Allen Nguyen Allen Nguyen 2years $703
100th Patricia Carroll Patricia Carroll 7years $698
101st Tracy Lowry Tracy Lowry 5years $684
102nd Cheri Fuller Cheri Fuller 4years $682
103rd Nate Maxfield Nate Maxfield 3years $677
104th Chris Springer Chris Springer 3years $676
105th Kris Martin Kris Martin 3years $672
106th Kristin Burke Kristin Burke 3years $671
107th Manny Rosario Manny Rosario 6years $668
108th Stephen Bowen Stephen Bowen 3years $665
109th Shannon Dodge Shannon Dodge 5years $665
110th Paula Kennedy Paula Kennedy 5years $663
111th Jeremy McJunkin Jeremy McJunkin 4years $663
112th Peggy Andrews Peggy Andrews 7years $658
113th Keva Shalon Russell Keva Shalon Russell 7years $655
114th Charlene Jadlowic Charlene Jadlowic $651
115th Jerry Castillo Jerry Castillo 5years $647