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Rank Name Raised
1st Zebra Technologies Community Relations Zebra Technologies Community Relations $646
Members of Zebra Technologies Community Relations
501st Eric Hilton Eric Hilton $200
890th Bruce Henderson Bruce Henderson $104
934th Benjamin Dolpp Benjamin Dolpp $100
934th Jeff Snipes Jeff Snipes $100
1422nd Josealberto Pagan Josealberto Pagan $50
1632nd John Dickson John Dickson $41
N/A Anna Labedzki Valenti Anna Labedzki Valenti $0
N/A Anthony Palcheck Anthony Palcheck $0
N/A Becky Walker Becky Walker $0
N/A Eric Freeburg Eric Freeburg $0
N/A John Bender John Bender $0
N/A Melissa Wagner Melissa Wagner $0
N/A Nathan Winters Nathan Winters $0
N/A Paul Hilton Paul Hilton $0
N/A Skip WoodburyZebra Skip WoodburyZebra $0
2nd Team JCG Team JCG $307
Members of Team JCG
392nd Nelson Thulin Nelson Thulin $255
N/A Philip Sinn Philip Sinn $0
N/A Vincent Roberge Vincent Roberge $0
3rd Team Wipfli Team Wipfli $242
Members of Team Wipfli
934th Michelle Williams Michelle Williams $100
1243rd Bill Keller Bill Keller $70
N/A MK Reesor MK Reesor $0
N/A Ralph Tite Ralph Tite $0
4th Humanity Realtors & Friends Humanity Realtors & Friends $154
Members of Humanity Realtors & Friends
628th Holly Mueck Holly Mueck $154
5th Phalcon PhreeWheelers Phalcon PhreeWheelers $150
Members of Phalcon PhreeWheelers
650th Dominic DiCenzo Dominic DiCenzo $150
N/A Christine Conroy Christine Conroy $0
6th Compass Minerals Compass Minerals $100
Members of Compass Minerals
934th Logan Bateman Logan Bateman $100
7th RHC RHC $100
Members of RHC
934th Bria Hanig Bria Hanig $100
8th Paul's Autobody & Custom Paul's Autobody & Custom $70
Members of Paul's Autobody & Custom
1243rd Paul Kalenak Paul Kalenak $70
9th Quest Quest $70
Members of Quest
1243rd Celso Cipolla Celso Cipolla $70
10th CCRF CCRF $50
Members of CCRF
1422nd Megan Hannon Megan Hannon $50
11th Westinghouse Riders Westinghouse Riders $50
Members of Westinghouse Riders
1422nd Kimberly Dukes Kimberly Dukes $50
12th Bitrode Corporation Bitrode Corporation $41
Members of Bitrode Corporation
1632nd Chuck Smith Chuck Smith $41
13th All Kids All Kids $40
Members of All Kids
1637th Ashley OGLESBEE Ashley OGLESBEE $40
14th VeloFlöProjekt VeloFlöProjekt $36
Members of VeloFlöProjekt
1650th Zed Pitts Zed Pitts $36
15th Bigwheels Bigwheels $36
Members of Bigwheels
N/A Alicia Gibson Alicia Gibson $0
N/A Dan Goldy Dan Goldy $0
16th eThinkers eThinkers $35
Members of eThinkers
1719th Jeremy Schweitzer Jeremy Schweitzer $35
N/A Jesse Safran Jesse Safran $0
N/A Nathan Rosenquist Nathan Rosenquist $0
17th Team FCAM Team FCAM $20
Members of Team FCAM
2137th Christopher J Eyre Christopher J Eyre $20
18th YCRC Finish Line YCRC Finish Line $20
Members of YCRC Finish Line
2137th Aubrey Lingley Aubrey Lingley $20
N/A BC BC $0
Members of BC
N/A Jenny Bermúdez Mejía Jenny Bermúdez Mejía $0
N/A Black Magic Audio Black Magic Audio $0
Members of Black Magic Audio
N/A Mark Nestor Mark Nestor $0
N/A BMWC Cycles Across the USA BMWC Cycles Across the USA $0
Members of BMWC Cycles Across the USA
N/A Katie Abigail Bassett Katie Abigail Bassett $0
Members of CalSTRS
N/A matt briseno matt briseno $0
Members of CEG-NM
N/A Frank Jenkins Frank Jenkins $0
N/A Christian Care Communities and Services Christian Care Communities and Services $0
Members of Christian Care Communities and Services
N/A Edmund Damron Edmund Damron $0
N/A Cirrus Racing Team Cirrus Racing Team $0
Members of Cirrus Racing Team
N/A Jared Bendocchi Jared Bendocchi $0
N/A CommonWealth Supports CommonWealth Supports $0
Members of CommonWealth Supports
N/A Marcel Arana Marcel Arana $0
N/A Food First Fuel Food First Fuel $0
Members of Food First Fuel
N/A Renata Altamirano Renata Altamirano $0
N/A Freedom Ride Freedom Ride $0
Members of Freedom Ride
N/A Bruce Reynolds Bruce Reynolds $0
N/A Hakkasan Group Inspires Hakkasan Group Inspires $0
Members of Hakkasan Group Inspires
N/A Casey Flair Casey Flair $0
N/A Dustyn Zenner Dustyn Zenner $0
N/A hard rock ink hard rock ink $0
Members of hard rock ink
N/A Candice Longnecker Candice Longnecker $0
N/A Logan Irwin Logan Irwin $0
N/A Magnetrol International Magnetrol International $0
Members of Magnetrol International
N/A Greg Vos Greg Vos $0
N/A MedCycle EMS MedCycle EMS $0
Members of MedCycle EMS
N/A Marc Rogol Marc Rogol $0
N/A Mell’s Team Mell’s Team $0
Members of Mell’s Team
N/A Roxanne Green Roxanne Green $0
Members of NWRC
N/A Crystal Evans Crystal Evans $0
N/A Leland Crawford Leland Crawford $0
N/A Our Soul Compass ~The Journey is the Reward Our Soul Compass ~The Journey is the Reward $0
Members of Our Soul Compass ~The Journey is the Reward
N/A Jessica Ottaviano Jessica Ottaviano $0
N/A Pacific Cycle Pacific Cycle $0
Members of Pacific Cycle
N/A Megan Phillips Megan Phillips $0
N/A Pallflex Pallflex $0
Members of Pallflex
N/A Cosette Gagne Cosette Gagne $0
N/A Rotom Peddlers Rotom Peddlers $0
Members of Rotom Peddlers
N/A Ashton Macaulay Ashton Macaulay $0
N/A Kiel Safstrom Kiel Safstrom $0
N/A Solo Solo $0
Members of Solo
N/A Naomi Angel Naomi Angel $0
N/A South Shore Cyclomaniacs South Shore Cyclomaniacs $0
Members of South Shore Cyclomaniacs
N/A Anne Norton Anne Norton $0
N/A Maria Byrnes Maria Byrnes $0
N/A Will Ramsey Will Ramsey $0
N/A Veronica Mejia Veronica Mejia $0
N/A Team CREXi Team CREXi $0
Members of Team CREXi
N/A Bryan Barajas Bryan Barajas $0
N/A Team Lickenbock Team Lickenbock $0
Members of Team Lickenbock
N/A Robert Hedges Robert Hedges $0
N/A Team RLKR Team RLKR $0
Members of Team RLKR
N/A Lori James Lori James $0
N/A TheSportsSquad TheSportsSquad $0
Members of TheSportsSquad
N/A Nathan Johnson Nathan Johnson $0
N/A UPS Bell Crew UPS Bell Crew $0
Members of UPS Bell Crew
N/A Miguel Gonzalez Miguel Gonzalez $0
N/A Wellness Crew Wellness Crew $0
Members of Wellness Crew
N/A Patrick Nelson Patrick Nelson $0
N/A World Insurance World Insurance $0
Members of World Insurance
N/A Michael McClay Michael McClay $0
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